Freedom Institute

In 2012, I founded the independent think tank Freedom Institute and remain its president to this day. Our goal is to work for a strong, secure and democratic Poland at the heart of the Western world; for an efficient, effective and accountable state based on stable, transparent, well-managed institutions. 

We form a community of committed citizens. Freedom is an exceptional gift to us, a value to be cared for and defended.

The Institute is a place for meetings, dialogue, shaping and clashing of different visions of the development of Poland, Europe and the world.

We are building the foundations of a strong and responsible society. We are tutoring future elites – people capable of strategic thinking and efficient state management – active state citizens involved in the life of their community, environment, city and state. 

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Leadership School

The Institute’s most important project, and one I am very proud and passionate about, is the Leadership School. 

It is a programme aimed at young, active and capable Poles. We are tutoring elites who will shape the future of our country. 

We invite young people from all over the country and all environments who have one thing in common, commitment to their local community. 

We work with people who want to create a democratic state, politics, innovative businesses and social organisations. We pass on to them the values crucial to us: patriotism, responsibility, honesty, commitment and the ability to engage in dialogue.

Students meet with leading entrepreneurs and managers, 

well-known experts in the fields of security, geopolitics or diplomacy, and leading representatives of the world of politics and administration. After completing the programme and receiving their diploma, all students become members of the SPIW Alumni Club, which enables further development and involvement in the community through regular meetings, projects and workshops.

Every year one hundred young leaders come to Warsaw for 9 weekends with a series of intensive meetings, lectures, workshops and discussions. In addition, we conduct workshops and online classes. One edition lasts 6-7 months. For the rest of the year, we recruit for subsequent editions, hold classes, meetings and discussions as part of the Alumni Club of the Leadership School and publish the magazine ‘Polska w Praktyce’. The Alumni Club has an important integrative function, maintaining contact between graduates. 

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