Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in podcasting, mentoring support or public speaking and writing training.


In the mentoring processes, I use my experience in managing various teams (from a few to more than 200 people), implementing changes in organisations, and creating companies and institutions from scratch. I have experienced many professional changes, taken on many difficult challenges and faced crises, and I enjoy surpassing all of them.

I have completed the course and obtained the Mentor Foundation certificate. 

Public appearances

How to speak so that people want to listen? How to get the attention of the audience/listener? How to overcome stress? That is what I work on in my public speaking workshops.

The courses are designed both for those appearing in the media and those speaking at company meetings and conferences, presenting their services or products.

I have conducted dozens of courses of this type in Polish companies and international corporations of very different profiles.

Creating media

Want to create your own newspaper, website or blog podcast? I run workshops and advise companies on how to create their media using my experience.

I have created newspapers, weekly magazines, online platforms, blogs, radio and TV shows, and managed social media.

Writing texts

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of messages. How do I write so that readers only want to read my text? How do I structure a message so that it doesn’t end up in the bin before they look at it? How do I write an email so that someone opens it and reads it to the end? That is what I teach in my copywriting workshops.