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My name is Igor Janke. I talk about Poland and the world in the Open system (Układ otwarty) podcast. I am a journalist, social activist, entrepreneur and mentor. I run the independent think tank Freedom Institute and the Leadership School.

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I have worked most of my life in the major Polish media. Among other things, I was a reporter and head of the culture section in Życie Warszawy, head of the political section in Rzeczpospolita, and editor-in-chief of the Polish Press Agency. I hosted TV programmes on TV Puls, Polsat and TVP, as well as Poranek on Radio TOK FM. I have written reports, analyses, commentaries and given interviews. I have written three books.

I am also an entrepreneur. I created the first Polish socio-political blog platform Salon24.

I founded the independent think tank Freedom institute and the Freedom Institute Leadership School. I spent several years in business advising companies from Poland and many countries around the world.

I help others in their professional development. I act as a mentor. I also provide training in public speaking and writing.

I am currently reporting on events in Poland and around the world by hosting the “Open system” podcast. I try to understand and explain what is happening around us.

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My publications

I conducted several hundred interviews and wrote several thousand texts. I have published three books with it, two of which have been translated into several languages.


Napastnik. Opowieść o Viktorze Orbanie.


Twierdza. Solidarność walcząca. Podziemna armia.


PO-PiSowa kronika upadku

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Open system

In my podcast, I try to understand and explain what is happening in Poland and the world. It is a completely independent project, going beyond the ideological and political disputes that divide our country. I invite interesting people with different views to join the conversation. You can support my podcast on the Patronite platform.

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